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Smart Pet Love Tie Out + Stake 25ft


Smart Pet Love Tie Out + Stake 25ft

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Smart Pet Love Tie Out

25 Foot With Stake

Use this tie out, to not only provide your dog enough space to move in the yard, roam on the road, but also keep them in a safe distance, in the line of sight. Freedom and Control, all in your hands.

  • Spiral stake can be screwed into ground for a secure hold. Steel cable and swivel clips for superior strength and durability.
  • Snaps, which is durable and anti-rust, on both ends can be easily attached to a post or stake for a protection of dog’s neck.
  • Reflective & anti-rusty vinyl covers for extra safety at night
  • Structure feature crimp covers to protect cable ends from weakening due to rain and rust.
  • 25 ft long (7.6 m)