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Meowijuana Catnip & Honeysuckle Spray
Meowijuana Catnip & Honeysuckle Spray


Meowijuana Catnip & Honeysuckle Spray

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Catnip & Honeysuckle Spray, 3 oz Bottle

Cats have nine lives, so make every life more play-inspired! Send your kitties into a field of Honeysuckle heaven with a spray of our Honeysuckle and Catnip oil blend on their scratcher, favorite bed, or teaser.

Contains: 3 ounces of distilled water, pure catnip oil, and honeysuckle oil

How To Use: Spray a bit on your cat's old toys to instantly rejuvenate them. Cat tearing up your couch? Spray on a scratcher to make it more interesting than your old loveseat. Also a great way to make new cat beds feel like home!