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LW Veggie Treat Stick For Rabbit 2 Pack


LW Veggie Treat Stick For Rabbit 2 Pack

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Living World Rabbit Sticks - Vegetable Flavour - 112 g (4 oz) - 2-pack

Living World Sticks for Rabbits are healthy and delicious treats that provide many outstanding benefits, including excellent nutrition, an enticing incentive to exercise, and a safe way to satisfy your pet's instinctive need to nibble.
The sticks contain high quality grains, seeds and vegetables, which are triple baked to ensure that your furry little friend gets a healthy, crunchy, and irresistible treat every time.
Highly palatable, the tasty sticks will entice your pet to chew away with enthusiasm, providing an excellent form of exercise and entertainment that helps relieve boredom, as well as an effective outlet for your small animal's constant need to gnaw.
Each stick has a natural wood center that is completely chewable and safe. The sticks also come with a flexible clip holder so that you can easily hang them on the cage wire for easy access.
Vegetable Flavour.

Key Features :

Healthy and delicious treats for rabbits
Contains high quality seeds, grains, and vegetables
Wholesome and crunchy triple-baked treats
Encourages exercise, relieves boredom, satisfies urge to nibble
Natural wood center is safe to chew
Includes cage clip holder
Vegetable flavour
2 sticks per pack