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LIVSTRONG Calming Dream


LIVSTRONG Calming Dream

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LIVSTRONG Calming Dream Veterinarian Health Product (NN.Y4P6)

Calming Dream is made up of several herbs to help with your dogs anxiety in many situations. Society today has increasing stress. An individual with high anxiety or stress usually will lead to a high-strung dog. However, some dogs simply feel anxious in certain a trip to the vet, travelling in the car and thunderstorms. In our calming dream supplement contains Valerian root, Chamomile and Ginger root which all help with a health calm/relaxed dog. Our supplement can help also with a good night sleep for your dog. It comes in a black recyclable jar 130g with a easy to use small measuring spoon. Just sprinkle on the food the daily amount for your dogs is that easy!


Valerian Root, Chamomile, and Ginger Root Powder.


Give orally on the food once per day, the amount depending on body weight.

Body Weight lbs Body Weight kgs Recommended Daily Dosage
under 19 lbs Under 8.6 kgs 1/8 tsp
10 to 39 lbs 4.5 to 18 kgs 1/4 tsp
40 to 59 lbs 18.2 to 26.7 kgs 1/2 tsp
60 to 79 lbs 27 to 36 kgs 3/4 tsp
80 to 99 lbs 36.2 to 45 kgs 1 tsp
Over 99 lbs Over 45 kgs 1-1/4 tsp