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Iv San Bernard Black Passion Conditioner


Iv San Bernard Black Passion Conditioner

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Iv San Bernard
Black Passion Conditioner

Black Passion Mask (02) is the second step in the bathing process following the Black Passion Shampoo (01).

After Shampoo 01 apply Mask 02 on hair and massage to help absorption. Rinse. The result is instant without leaving the product to rest. For a more intense conditioning treatment, leave it on to work for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

There is no comparison to the luxurious smell and creaminess of the Black Passion Shampoo and Mask because it contains the essential additive of Argan oil.

I own a hairless chihuahua. Without the information, care, amazing shampoo and conditioner [black passion] he would be a pimply,scared mess! Raisen’s skin feels like velvety, softness and he is gorgeous! You want to touch him all the time. I recommend Iv San Bernard products and will only use it for the rest of his life!

Susan Shelton of Desert Legend Dobermans

As pets are precious to us all, Argan oil is precious in the world. Why?

The Argan tree produces the most precious plant oil in the world. The tree only grows in two places in the world, Morocco and Mexico-but only bears fruit in Morocco.

The Argan has received international recognition for the unique properties of its oil. Many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are using the oil to develop skin and hair products.

The inhabitants of the area where Argan trees bear fruit have been using its products and under products for centuries to produce cosmetics and medicine.

Pamper and rejuvenate your pet’s coat with this exotic luxurious mask.