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HydroSMART Flex
HydroSMART Flex
HydroSMART Flex


HydroSMART Flex

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HydroSMART - Flex

"The HydroSMART-Flex is a revolutionary way to hydrate both your dog's and owners while being environmentally sustainable .  The patented Flex adapter design is virtually compatible with majority of major brands disposable water bottles on the market.  Our signature backflow prevention design allows sharing of the water for your dog and the owner without cross-contamination all while packaged in a compact profile for constant travel and portability.

Main Features:
- Compatible with ‘majority’ of disposable water bottles 
(i.e. Dasani, SmartWater, FIJI Water, Aquafina, EVIAN, ArtWatr, and much more
- Back Flow Prevention design allowing share usage between pets and owners
- Food Grade Silicon and Bio-degradable Plastic
- Environmentally responsible design"