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Citroburg Insect Repellant


Citroburg Insect Repellant

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Insect repellent for dogs and horses 125 ml

The  Citrobug insects and ticks repellent for pets is perfect in summer as it exudes a fragrance with natural essential citrus and coniferous oils which is very effective against a wide variety of insects. It is 100 % natural, safe and non-toxic. It contains no DEET, no synthetic molecule and is biodegradable. 

The Citrobug insects repellent can also be used to clean your pet's ears and on sensitive skin. The Citrolug shampoo should be used at the beginning of the season to improve the synergy of the essential oils whose aromas are found naturally in nature.

This product for dogs and horses will allow your pet to be outside without the inconvenience caused by insect bites.

This spray contains 125ml.

Made in Quebec.