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Porkhide Bone Small


Porkhide Bone Small

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As with our regular plain porkhide, Rollover Pressed Porkhide Chews are 100% digestible porkhide, made from the inner layer of pork skin. Porkhide is a much healthier alternative to traditional beef rawhides and these low fat, high protein chews are a great way to help clean a dog’s teeth and gums. Since porkhide softens when chewed and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, these treats are an excellent option for nearly all dogs, from puppies to seniors.

Pressed porkhide is a longer-lasting porkhide chew option for those chewers that are a bit more energetic.

Feed as a chew treat and please always supervise your dog with any treat.

Rollover Pressed Porkhide contains approximately 5.3 calories/g.