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Animora Cranberry Dental Gel 90ml


Animora Cranberry Dental Gel 90ml

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Animora Cranberry Dental Gel 90ml

Animora's Cranberry Dental Gel formula is optimized to stick to your pet's teeth and gums, giving it more time to clean your pet's teeth and mouth. The gel's great taste was carefully formulated to give your pets a positive cleaning experience, and to help make oral hygiene more enjoyable for both animals and owners.

* Refrigerate after opening


    •  Can be administered on food, fingers, or a toothbrush
    •  Improves oral healthy by preventing bad breath and dental plaque buildup
    •  Recommended by veterinarians | Scientifically proven

Recommended Dosage:

    •  Cats & dogs under 10kg: 2.5mL daily
    •  Dogs between 10 and 25kg: 5mL daily
    •  Dogs over 25kg: 7.5mL daily